Knoxville and Maryville ElectricianWhether Abbott Electric’s electricians are working on a new construction job, remodel, or on a service call for electrical work, it all starts out the same way.  Abbott Electric Inc., after receiving all of the detailed information about the job, starts by putting its 25+ years of electrical experience to work to come up with the best and most affordable way to do the job.

Expert Electrician in Maryville TN

If the job is a new construction job, we will need the latest, updated set of blueprints and detailed spec sheets on items that need to have electrical wiring to function such as the size of the heating and cooling units, whether or not there will be gas appliances such as a range, cook-top, dryer unit, hot water heater, pool heater, etc.  All of these products can be either gas or electric and will require a specific type of wiring to function properly.  Also reviewed will be the number of outlets, switches, ceiling fixtures, smoke detectors, phone outlets, and TV outlets to meet current electrical code standards.  Installation of electrical wiring for pools or spas as well as outdoor lighting is also often a consideration.  After all of this information is received and documented, are ready to start installation!

Of note, with a new construction job, our recommendation is to think about the future.  What electrical, remodel or installation needs you may have in the next five years?  What might add value to your home if you decide to sell?  It is much easier and much more affordable to pre-wire for items you may want or need in the future.  This might be done for things such as pool electric, spa electric, landscape lighting, future detached garage, barn, etc.

There are two steps to the electrician’s installation when wiring a new construction job.  The first part is the rough electric phase and the second part is the trim phase.

Electrical Installation

Regarding installation of the main electrical service, this must be done during the rough electric phase.  In addition, the rough electric phase consists of installation of all of the electrical boxes, running all of the electrical pipe and/or wire, and locating where the electrical service will be for the job.  Often, locating where the electrical service will be is done by working with the local power company to determine the location for the source of power.

During the trim phase, the following tasks are completed: Installation of outlets, switches, light fixtures, hooking up electrical appliances, panel breakers and cover, and any miscellaneous electrical.  At this point, it is critical to make sure that all electric is labeled properly and working properly.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections are done after the rough electric phase and again when the house is ready to be finalized. Inspections are performed by local building department inspectors.

It is our goal that our customer be completely satisfied!  At Abbott Electric Inc., we have a solid reputation of doing the job right the first time.

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